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Etsy LJ

Your place to buy & sell all thing handmade

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"Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. New, unique ways to shop online."

  • DO NOT spam this community. This means (please) DO NOT post about your latest community, or about anything that does not relate in some way to Etsy.com or items for sale there.

    ALL posts that violate this will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.

  • You may post one (1) picture per entry. if you would like to post more, then please use the lj-cut tag. Image(s) should be no larger than 450 x 450 pixels. The moderators reserve the right to remove posts bearing images greater than these dimensions, with or without notice.

  • If you are posting about a handmade item with an image linking to someplace other than Etsy, please include a link to your Etsy shop to keep your content relevant to this community.

  • Please do not update more than once a day.

  • Do not disallow comments on your entry.

  • If your post violates one or more of these rules, it will be deleted.

    Posting of Etsy Minis is allowed, but must follow community rules. If you choose to show the larger images (Gallery format) your mini can be no larger than 3x3. If you choose to show smaller thumbnail images, you can go up to 5x5. Moderators reserve the right to remove Etsy Mini posts if they become excessive and detrimental to the enjoyment of the community for all members.

    This community is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Etsy.com
    This community is here solely to allow Etsy.com shop owners to share and promote their handmade sale items with other Live Journal members.